Your web design studio for Websites, SEO & AnalysIs

As a web design studio we guide you on your journey on the world wide web. During this trip, we will be using the most advanced programs and platforms out there.

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All website are responsive, interactive, super fast and have a stunning design.  


Our search engine optimization helps your website scoring high in search engines like Google.


With the help from van Google Analytics and Google Data Studio we can tell you how you can reach the top of your website.  


Various companies started their adventure with Moving Mouse al. Curious what our party currently is?


Webflow, an amazing tool that gives us the possibility to build websites in a complete visual way.


Websites starting at €72,- per month

Not every destination is the same

A blog, webshop or maybe an informative website? We design it all. Every website is responsive, interactive, super fast and is beautifully designed. De bigger websites even have a CMS and Editor to expand and edit your website.

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SEO starting at €12,- per month

Optimization in search engines

The start of every journey: chosing the destination. A lot of people are lazy by nature and often go for the first option available. Exactly, the website that is ranked highest in the search engines. Thanks to the SEO of Moving Mouse.

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Analysis starting at €16,- per month

Reach the top of the mountain

Of course you are very curious what actions your (potential) customers take during their visit on your website. With help from Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, Moving Mouse can report how you could reach the maximum out of your website.

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Al vanaf 72,- / maand.


Een blog, webshop of misschien wel een informatieve website. Wij ontwerpen het allemaal. Alle websites zijn responsive, interactief, super snel en hebben een schitterend design. De grotere websites hebben zelfs een CMS en Editor om je website uit te breiden en te onderhouden.

Al vanaf 20,- / maand.


De start van iedere reis: het kiezen van de bestemming. Veel mensen zijn van nature vrij lui en gaan vaak voor de eerste optie die ze tegenkomen. Precies, de website die als eerste uit de zoekmachines komt. Dankzij de SEO van Moving Mouse!

Al vanaf €8,- / maand.


Jij bent natuurlijk hartstikke benieuwd welke acties jouw (potentiële) klanten ondernemen tijdens hun bezoek op jouw website. Met behulp van Google Analytics kan Moving Mouse aangeven hoe jij het verblijf van jouw bezoekers nóg aangenamer kunt maken!


Webflow is our tool

Design and develop

Webflow is an amazing tool that gives us the possibility to build websites in a complete visual way. At the same time you'll be producing 'clean' HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, that most web developers can only dream of.

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Livechat & E-mail

Flexible and fast

We aim to answer emails within 24 hours. Prefer having direct contact? Send us a message via live chat. Very often, we will also be online during evenings and weekends. Flexible an fast, that's 'Moving Mouse'.